Latex Tops

Quite possibly the most versatile of all our latex collections. A latex top obviously looks great as part of a regular latex outfit or costume, but it is also an item that works well with more traditional club and casual wear ....... jeans, pencil skirt, shorts, mini skirt, leggings, are just a few standards that can be embellished and livened up by a shiny latex rubber top. For this reason latex tops are ever popular with clubbers, alternative and goth types, rock chicks, and a wide spectrum of ladies adding a little extra glamour to their outfit. As we seek to do with all our ranges we once again mix latex standards and favourites with retro styles, new fashions, and our own in house designs. Vest tops, corset style, sleeveless and long sleeve, key hole, and fitted latex shirts are all here. Latex blouses, halter tops, and our Bolero jacket can be found alongside our latex school mistress blouses and the more revealing open cup tops.