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  1. Shirt noir dames cuirette
    Shirt noir dames cuirette
    As low as 66,99 €
  2. Taille Cuir Noir Cincher
    Taille Cuir Noir Cincher
    As low as 68,99 €
  3. Jupe simili cuir Fessée
    Jupe simili cuir Fessée
    As low as 49,99 €
  4. Mini-jupe en cuir
    Mini-jupe en cuir
    As low as 45,99 €
  5. Christina skaï Mini-jupe
    Christina skaï Mini-jupe
    As low as 33,99 €
  6. Gants en simili-cuir noir
    Gants en simili-cuir noir
    As low as 28,99 €
  7. Overbust Corset en cuir
    Overbust Corset en cuir
    As low as 80,99 €
  8. Cuir Buckled taille Cincher
    Cuir Buckled taille Cincher
    As low as 86,99 €
  9. Cuir Harlot Halter Top
    Cuir Harlot Halter Top
    As low as 63,99 €
  10. Rachel skaï Mini-jupe
    Rachel skaï Mini-jupe
    As low as 33,99 €
  11. PVC Corsets - Classic Leatherette Underbust Corset
    Classique cuirette Underbust..
    As low as 57,99 €
  12. Corset cuir avec bretelles détachables jarretelles
    Corset cuir avec bretelles d..
    As low as 80,99 €
  13. Lacé Jupe Teaser en cuir
    Lacé Jupe Teaser en cuir
    As low as 51,99 €
  14. Skaï Jupe crayon noire
    Skaï Jupe crayon noire
    As low as 44,99 €
  15. Cuir ceinturée Biker Chienne Catsuit
    Cuir ceinturée Biker Chienn..
    As low as 212,99 €
  16. Side Lace & Zip avant Torturess corps en cuir
    Side Lace & Zip avant Tortur..
    As low as 91,99 €
  17. Contessa Teddy Strappy
    Contessa Teddy Strappy
    As low as 44,99 €
  18. Cloutées en cuir noir Underbust Corset
    Cloutées en cuir noir Under..
    As low as 86,99 €
  19. Hellraiser Collier Gilet
    Hellraiser Collier Gilet
    As low as 45,99 €
  20. Robe en cuir Oppressor
    Robe en cuir Oppressor
    As low as 166,99 €
  21. Urania Ouvrir Bust
    Urania Ouvrir Bust
    As low as 31,99 €
  22. Lace Up Short en cuir
    Lace Up Short en cuir
    As low as 51,99 €
  23. Skaï Zip-Entrée Overbust Corset Boucle
    Skaï Zip-Entrée Overbust C..
    As low as 63,99 €
  24. Beauté skaï Basque
    Beauté skaï Basque
    As low as 50,99 €
  25. Lingerie Corsets - Black Faux Leather Long Underbust Corset
    Faux cuir noir long Underbus..
    As low as 45,99 €
  26. Cuir à lacets Cupless Teddy
    Cuir à lacets Cupless Teddy
    As low as 45,99 €
  27. Madame Corset Pattes
    Madame Corset Pattes
    As low as 37,99 €
  28. Corset Fantaisie en cuir
    Corset Fantaisie en cuir
    As low as 74,99 €
  29. captivité Corset
    captivité Corset
    As low as 80,99 €

Items 1-36 of 64

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Womens Leather Clothing

If you want to find the very hottest fetish wear for women, our online store has a vast selection of leather women’s clothing options you’ll love to dress up in. Who doesn’t love sexy women in leather, after all? If you want to get the fierce, kinky look of sexy leather women lingerie and clothing, then you’ve definitely come to the right place. Have fun exploring the gorgeous options in our women in leather range, with hot products like our alluring leather corsets and dresses.

The Honour company is easily one of the UK’s best shops for provocative fetish wear looks sex toys for women and men, including products like electro sex toys, CBT toys, anal sex toys to name but a few. Take a look around our store to find the leather clothing you want, and why not also take a look at some of the other things we have to offer that can help you make sure it’s a night to remember when you get dressed up in your new leather gear for the first time? We offer a choice of UK shipping options and you can also take advantage of payment by Klarna on many orders.