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Men's Wetlook

Our men’s wetlook range is a great place to start for men looking to buy their first fetish outfit, or for men wanting to add something a little different to their fetish wardrobe. Our futuristic wetlook material stretches like latex but is shiny like PVC without requiring any shine serums or sprays. This material is breathable and flexible, giving you a tight, sexy, fit and an alluring silhouette. Look no further for your men’s wetlook outfits!

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  1. Powerwetlook and PVC Men's Shorts
    Powerwetlook and PVC Men's S..
    As low as 63,99 €
  2. Gladiator Kilt with PVC Panel
    Gladiator Kilt with PVC Pane..
    As low as 74,99 €
  3. Powerwetlook and PVC Men's Jacket
    Powerwetlook and PVC Men's J..
    As low as 78,99 €
  4. Powerwetlook and PVC Men's Jeans
    Powerwetlook and PVC Men's J..
    As low as 78,99 €
  5. Men's Powerwetlook Long Pants With Net Inserts
    Men's Powerwetlook Long Pant..
    As low as 80,99 €
  6. Men's Powerwetlook Shorts with Net
    Men's Powerwetlook Shorts wi..
    As low as 68,99 €
  7. Men's Powerwetlook T-Shirt With Net Inserts
    Men's Powerwetlook T-Shirt W..
    As low as 68,99 €
  8. Catsuit Powerwetlook Avec Fermeture À Glissière Bidirectionnelle
    Catsuit Powerwetlook Avec Fe..
    As low as 94,99 €
  9. Pantalon Powerwetlook Facile D'Accès Avec Harnais
    Pantalon Powerwetlook Facile..
    As low as 82,99 €
  10. T-Shirt Powerwetlook Avec Harnais
    T-Shirt Powerwetlook Avec Ha..
    As low as 75,99 €
  11. Pantalon Wetlook Avec Des Rayures En Pvc
    Pantalon Wetlook Avec Des Ra..
    As low as 75,99 €
  12. Chemise Pour Hommes Avec Poches Avant
    Chemise Pour Hommes Avec Poc..
    As low as 66,99 €
  13. Stephen cuirette & Résille T-shirt
    Stephen cuirette & Résille ..
    As low as 45,99 €
  14. Chase Moonshine Cuirette boxers
    Chase Moonshine Cuirette box..
    As low as 31,99 €
  15. Alexis cuirette Débardeur
    Alexis cuirette Débardeur
    As low as 33,99 €
  16. Matrice Wetlook Jupe
    Matrice Wetlook Jupe
    As low as 68,99 €
  17. Short Poseidon Noir
    Short Poseidon Noir
    As low as 28,99 €
  18. T-Shirt Clouté en Lycra
    T-Shirt Clouté en Lycra
    As low as 26,99 €
  19. Shirt Cypher D Anneau
    Shirt Cypher D Anneau
    As low as 63,99 €
  20. String Noir Liquid Onyx
    String Noir Liquid Onyx
    As low as 14,99 €
  21. Short Noir Liquid Onyx
    Short Noir Liquid Onyx
    As low as 19,99 €
  22. T-Shirt en Maille
    T-Shirt en Maille
    As low as 27,99 €

22 Items

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